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Tate Access Floors is the largest access floor manufacturer in North America. They have long been recognized as one of the leading companies in access floor and offer four lines of access floor panels with the corresponding understructure and accessories.

Tate’s most popular product is their ConCore line, which consists of epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement. They also offer All Steel access floor which are the same shells as the ConCore without the fill material, Floating Floors Aluminum, which is used in specialized environments and Woodcore which consist of a high density composite wood core glued to and encased in a hot dipped galvanized formed steel shell. Each of these systems includes various air flow options including traditional perforated panels as well as high volume grates and specialty panels.

Tate offers several options for understructure including bolted stringer, free standing and PosiLock / Cornerlock. Bolted stringer is by far the most common in server rooms and other applications where high-pressure laminate is the surface covering. PosiLock is used when the panels are fastened directly to the pedestal heads and then covered with a separate surface covering such as Carpet Tile.

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