It is easy to determine the type of floor system most suited to your individual requirements. Simply answer the questions below and instantly our QUICK SELECTOR Program will recommend the best floor type for you. It is easy and will just take you seconds.

What type of facility is the floor for?

What kind of loads will be sitting on the floor?

  • Server racks, desks and PC's (under 1000 pounds)
  • Large Computer Systems (under 1250 pounds)
  • Industrial and Large Mainframes(over 1500 pounds)

Will equipment or carts be routinely rolled across the floor?

  • No - There will be no rolling loads on the floor
  • Yes - The cart will weigh over 1000 pounds
  • Yes - The cart will weigh over 1500 pounds

What type of wiring will be under the floor?

  • Minimal: light cables,telephone wires, a few detectors
  • Moderate: cables over 1" in diameter, telephone, electrical boxes
  • Heavy: Serious cables, spaghetti and junction boxes

Will the floor be:

  • Installed to completely fill up a room (like wall-to wall)
  • Installed as a free standing platform with walls on more than one side
  • Installed as a free standing platform with no walls retaining the floor