Heavy Duty Equipment Supports

Quick Overview

All-steel two-part assembly. Each support pedestal has a 5,000 axial load. Supports are for existing floors from 6" - 36" high. Please select the desired size. Adhesive not included. These are for INDOOR use only. The images on the base may not reflect the product you receive, if you need a specific pedestal base, please contact us. 

Additional Information
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Heavy-duty equipment support pedestals installed under weighty equipment will beef up your existing raised floor system by providing additional support where needed. Install pedestal supports freely under an existing raised floor and place where support is required for hefty equipment. They do not need to be bolted to the floor or grid system. For maximum strength, place directly under the equipment caster, leg or foot. They provide 5,000 pounds of super-strong support.

This is a two-part assembly consisting of a base and a head. The base (4" x 4") is a flat plate welded to a square tube. The head (3" x 3") has an all-thread rod welded to a flat plate with 8 holes with 3/4" spacing per hole with 1/4" x 20 UNC tap. The all-thread rod is inserted into the tube and the height is adjusted with a locking nut.

Heavy Duty Equipment Supports should be installed directly beneath a heavy piece of equipment. They are designed to just touch the underside of your access floor panel-  any use other than support for access flooring is prohibited.

Supports are available in four different sizes. MEASURE from the BOTTOM of your floor panel to the slab for the correct support.

  •  6" Heavy Duty Equipment Support. Design length: 4.5". Can be adjusted up to 5.25" and down to 3.75"
  • 12" Heavy Duty Equipment Support. Design length: 10.5". Can be adjusted up to 11.5" and down to 9.5"
  • 18" Heavy Duty Equipment Support. Design length: 16.5". Can be adjusted up to 17.5" and down to 15.5"
  • 24" Heavy Duty Equipment Support. Design length: 22.5". Can be adjusted up to 23.5" and down to 21.5"
  • 36" Heavy Duty Equipment Support. Design length:  34.5"  Can be adjusted up to 35.5 and down to 33.5"

Pedestal Adhesive is also available in gallon size.

These are sometimes called jacks, stands, stanchions, legs, pedestals, screw downs, and hoists. Pedestal base design may not reflect the images above.