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Welcome to the Manuals Section of our website. In this section, we have compiled all Manuals and offer them for your use.

There are three basic sections: Installation Manuals, which are your guides to installing raised floor systems; Maintenance Manuals, which deal with the care of raised floors once they are installed; and Selection Manuals, which guide you through selecting a raised floor.

A complete Installation Manual is online. A complete visual manual with step by step photographs is also online. Newly added to the Installation Manual section are the ADA Codes for Computer Floors. This is an informal opinion about our interpretation of the ADA requirements for access to raised floor environments.

The Maintenance Manual section is here to help you get started with maintaining your raised floor properly. The Guide to Access Floor Maintenance will provides you with a detailed explanation of the problems that develop with raised floor systems. The first section addresses the structural hazards that are created by improper care, neglect and abuse. The environmental section covers a variety of conditions found in and around access floor systems resulting from improper maintenance.

If you are looking for a new floor system, we have an interactive area which enables you to determine the type of raised floor system you require.

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