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Westinghouse Raised Floor

Manufacturer History:

Westinghouse only made one panel and it was extremely popular. Partly because it was the first cheap woodcore panel for the computer room boom in the mid 70's.  Originally it had an all aluminum understructure system that was the best and easiest to install. 

From their old brochure:

The Westinghouse Access Flooring Systems are serving the needs of customers throughout the world. Over 10 million square feet in use . . . a customer testimonial of Westinghouse service, performance and reliability.

We're concerned about people and how our products fill people needs. When floors are uncomfortable and cold, people perform less efficiently and absenteeism increases. The Westinghouse Access Floor was designed to eliminate this discomfort by building a "sandwich" type panel. Our panels have a wood base core which acts as an insulator between two steel sheets. All steel panels conduct heat and cold, but the Westinghouse panel acts as a thermal shield.

Speaking of noise . . . foot traffic over the Westinghouse Access Floor with its solid wood core is quieter because the core is an acoustical barrier absorbing much of the "drumming" effect. All steel panels a m - plify sound . . . wood cored panels absorb sound. An important difference in the Westinghouse floor.

Fire resistant:

The Westinghouse Access Flooring panel tested in accordance with ASTM-E 84 and NFPA No. 255 has a class A fire rating with a flame spread of 15. Panel tested without a finished surface.


Level, Flat, Handsome:

Our access floor panels are designed for flatness and stability. The panels are balanced, welded to a structural framework and laminated under pressure to assure a flat and level surface.

Finished panel surfaces are made available in three handsome patterns of Doublewear Micarta, a scratch and mar resistant high-pressure laminate surface noted for its long wearing characteristics and ease of maintenance qualities.

Also offered is a large choice of attractive and hard wearing carpeting which is bonded to the access floor panel.

If your choice should be one of the many vinyl asbestos coverings, Westinghouse can accommodate your tastes.

But there is more underfoot than meets the eye!

Holding each corner of the panel is a die cast aluminum pedestal

which features a unique "posi-lock" nut. Once it's set it can't be changed or displaced without removal of the panel. This mechanical locking device engages the leveling nut and the pedestal assembly which locks both into a set position. Your continued assurance that the access floor will always remain level . . . but without hampering its total accessibility.

The Westinghouse Access Floor—a complete system.



The Access Floor Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment and shop drawings necessary for the installation of an access floor, as shown on the Architect's drawings and/or called for in these specifications.


The General Contractor shall be responsible for providing a clean, level sub-floor, free of other trades prior to the installation of the access floor. Exposed concrete shall all be treated with a sealant to prevent dusting.


Cove base, loose tile in well areas or around perimeter of access floor, temporary protection and field cleaning of access floor surface.

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: The floor shall be capable of supporting, at any location on the panels, a point load of 1,000 pounds applied on one square inch with a maximum deflection of .080 inches with a safety factor of 4. Panels will support a uniform load of 250 pounds per square foot with a safety factor of 4. All panels except cut panels shall be inter- changeable with all other panels in the floor system. The surface appearance of the panels shall be free of weld marks or other disfiguring marks telegraphing through the floor covering material.
When tested in accordance with ASTM E-84-75, the panels, less surface covering, will have a flame spread of 15 or less, fuel contribution of zero and smoke development of 35.

The installed floor shall be designed to have a maximum electrical resistance of 1OHM from the top of the panel, less surface covering, to the pedestal base. All exposed surfaces under the floor shall be aluminum and galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and flaking in the plenum that could harm the equipment. Untreated steel and painted surfaces are unacceptable.

There shall be no rough edges on the pedestal base locking device, stringers or other areas that could cause cable chafing.

WARRANTY:Material and workmanship shall be guaranteed for a period of one year from date of shipment.

PANEL CONSTRUCTION: The panels shall be 24" square (plus or minus .015), constructed of a one inch thick particle board core completely encased between a top sheet of 24-gauge die cut electro- galvanized steel, and a bottom sheet of 24-gauge die cut electro-galvanized steel. Both top and bottom sheets will be electrically welded to a structural perimeter channel of 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel. This will provide complete electrical bond between top and bottom of panel, maximum sound absorption and a thermal barrier. Core will be precision routed to extend the full depth of the perimeter channel for optimum loading at panel edges. All panel edges to be trimmed with a fire- resistant vinyl.


(1) Surface material of finished floor panel to be high-pressure plastic laminate, Double- Wear Micarta as manufactured by Westinghouse. Micarta color to be selected from Westinghouse ASD standards. (2) Surface material of finished floor panel to be 1/8" vinyl asbestos as manufactured b(specify)
(3) Surface material of finished floor panel to be carpeted as manufactured by (specify)


Pedestal assemblies are to be of all aluminum construction. The base shall be structurally engineered to uniformly distribute imposed loads over a minimum area of
16 square inches. The base shall be cylindrically cast and serrated on its under side to insure uniform bonding with a maximum shear value. The base shall be adhered to sub-floor with a water resistant adhesive that, when set, forms a permanent and durable bond. The threaded portion will be no less than one-inch diameter and of a length not less than 41/2". The head assembly shall be engineered so that the panels will be laterally locked in place. The entire assembly shall provide a minimum of three inches of vertical adjustment, detented in 1/64" increments. Adjustments shall be made easily at any time by one man without the use of special tools.

The leveling nut shall not be displaced
by any vibratory actions of equipment placed on the floor. A mechanical locking device that will engage both the leveling nut and the pedestal assembly, locking both into a set position, shall be em- ployed. The assembly shall not depend on any friction or adhesive devices to lock the floor in a level plane.

STRINGERS:Grid channels to prevent possible lateral movement of panels under heavy rolling loads shall be no less than 18-gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges to prevent cutting of underfloor cables. Channels shall be individually removed for optimum accessibility.

LIFTING DEVICE:Provide( ) each single cup lifting devices.

CABLE CUT OUTS:An allowance of( ) each field installed cable cutouts complete with framing material to be completed at time of original installation should be figured.

SPARE PANELS:Provide( ) each spare panels.

GRILLS AND DAMPERS: Provide ( ) each.

Size( ) x( ) grilles with dampers of manufacturers standard design, installed in panels at time of original installation.

PERFORATED PANELS: Shall be 14-gauge angle supports welded to a 14-gauge top steel sheet and 16-gauge side channels. 26-gauge sliding damper assembly is optional. Surface sheet is Double-wear Micarta.

Tested to meet 1,000 pounds concentrated load with a deflection of less than .080.
5/16"holes yielding 25% free air or 108 square inches of open area. Rated at 550 CFM of air at .10 inches of static pressure.

PLENUM DIVIDER: Shall be galvanized steel furnished and installed where called for on the drawings.

RAMPS:Designed to carry the same loads as the access floor, with a self- extinguishing vinyl runner for a non-skid surface shall be furnished and installed where called for on the drawings.

STEPS:Shall be furnished and installed where called for on the drawings.

HANDRAIL: Architectural handrail, of the manufacturer's standard design fastened to the sub-floor, shall be furnished and installed as called for on the drawings.

FACIA: Aluminum Facia shall be furnished and installed where access floor does not terminate at perimeter walls, entrances, steps or ramps.

LATERAL BRACING: Where necessary, lateral bracing shall be provided with the take up of adjustment by means of a turnbuckle device.

APPROVAL DRAWINGS:(4) sets of approval

drawings showing panel layout, ramps, steps, etc., along with test reports shall be submitted to the Architect. No manufacturing shall begin until final stamped drawings from the Architect have been received.


Access Flooring, 4300 36th Street, S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508.


shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions under the direction of an experienced supervisor. The installed floor shall be level within plus or minus '44" in ten feet, and free of vibration, rocking, squeaks and other noises.

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