TurboLava 2000 - Small Floors

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Cleans and dries raised floor in a single pass. Automatic scrubbing machine with instant squeegee pickup. Recommended for smaller raised floor environments under 4000 square feet.

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Model TL2000
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The cleaning of small computer rooms and sensitive hard floor surfaces has just gotten easier. Because of its unique design, the TurboLava 2000 machine is popular in raised floor environments, restaurants, healthcare facilities and a host of other sensitive environments. This machine can be used by anyone who understands the importance of containing contaminated solution, and not mopping it back onto the floor.

This machine is the technological breakthrough to safely clean raised floors. It is portable, weighing only 30 pounds. Totally safe for sensitive computer room environments, it is non-static producing. It is compact, easily fitting into tight places - its width is just 14 inches.

This machine provides a mist application of chemical (RISE) onto two brushes rotating at 550 rpm.

It is the scrubbing action of dual rotating brushes which activates the chemical and loosens soils. The brushes rotate toward the rear of the machine, and the solution is guided to a high powered built-in vacuum system.

In seconds, this high powered built-in vacuum lifts the soil and water off the surface of the raised floor. A 16 inch squeegee constantly slides across the top of the floor with the movement of the machine, sucking up any liquid.

This machine is recommended because it is this mist/scrub/vac action that cleans the floor and removes dirt and debris fast. So fast that water does not drip between the sides of the access floor panels.

The TurboLava 2000 replaces the old method of water and bucket as a primary source of cleaning. Its neat, splatter-free cleaning is preferred in many sensitive environments; because the machine is so effective, excessive chemicals and water are not required.

We invite you to call us 985-898-0880 with any questions that you may have regarding this machine and method of cleaning. As users of this product, we can answer any questions about this machine or the effectiveness of this cleaning methodology in your computer room.


  • Voltage - 120 v
  • Solution tank - 1 gallon
  • Watts - 760 watts
  • Recovery tank - 0.7 gallon
  • Squeegee width - 16 inches
  • Weight - 30 pounds
  • Brush speed - 550 rpm
  • Pigtail power cord

This machine is recommended for raised floor environments under 4000 square feet.

We do not offer returns on TurboLava equipment.