Trimmed Cable Cutout

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Factory cut 6" x 4" notch on the outside edge of any panel purchased by us and lined with black L-shaped plastic molding.

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Model CCT
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If you are purchasing a floor kit from us, we have the ability to cut and trim a standard size cable cut out. We take panels purchased in a kit and make a 6 inch x 4 inch U Shaped notch on the outside edge of the panel, and line the opening with moulding by screwing the moulding right on to the raised floor surface. This black L-shaped plastic is rigid and resistant to chipping or breakage. Having trimmed cable cutouts will protect cables from abrasion penetrating through the floor and will protect employee fingers from sharp panel edges.

U shaped cable cutouts offer superior flexibility for placement in your facility. You can rotate this cutout panel four different ways and in the event you need to change your cable configuration, you will not need to feed the panel through an opening. You simply clump all the cables together and take the panel out.

This is the price for cutting one of your panels purchased in a floor kit from us.

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