Get a Firm Price

Whether you are looking for several replacement panels or more flooring you have come to the right spot. In just a few short steps you will have what you need to get a price. If you are looking for a firm price on replacement panels, the process works like this: Send us images, we confirm and identify and give you a unique model number for your panels. Then you will be able to order.

For over 40 years, raised floor companies manufactured panels without a brand name or a model number identification. Additionally, each manufacturer also made up to 8 different product lines a decade, each having up to 4 different types of understructure. That is why we cannot offer firm prices to you for replacements based on description alone. By sending in images, you will allow us to positively identify your system and guarantee that the replacement we offer will fit.

Get a Budget Quote

If you are looking for a budget price on replacement panels, the process works like this: Just visit the quick IDC Quote and you’ll have a price in seconds!

Buy a new floor

Our raised floor kits include everything you need for installation including panels with high pressure laminate, bolted steel understructure (includes pedestals, stringers, and screws) and pedestal adhesive for securing the pedestals to the concrete slab.