Specification Data

    Premium Excelon Commercial Vinyl Composition Tile
  • Companion Square
  • Stonetex
  • Excelon Supreme

Imperial Texture Standard Excelon Commercial Vinyl Composition Tile

Product Description
  • Composed of polyvinyl chloride resin binder, fillers, and pigments.
    Patterns and Colors
  • Colors and pattern detail are dispersed uniformly throughout the thickness of the material.
  • Color pigments are insoluble in water and resistant to cleaning agents and light.
  • 12" x 12" (305 mm x 305 mm) Tile
    Gauge (nominal thickness)
  • 1/8" (3.22 mm)
  • 3/32" (2.4 mm) - Imperial
  • Commercial Tile should not be used in commercial kitchens and commercial food processing areas, in hospital operating room areas, in exterior areas, or where pointed spikes such as golf or track shoes will be used.
    Suitable for Application Over
  • Concrete, terrazzo, and other monolithic subfloors which are suspended, on grade, or below grade.
  • Suspended wood subfloor construction with approved wood underlayments, and a minimum 18" well-ventilated air space below.
  • Certain metals and most existing single-layer resilient floors on approved underlayments.
  • Radiant-heated subfloors with a maximum surface temperature of 85° F (29° C)
    Unsuitable for Application Over
  • Subfloors where excessive moisture, hydrostatic pressure, or alkali is present.
  • Sleeper-constructed wood subfloors, on grade or below grade.
  • Lightweight aggregate concrete floors having a density of less than 90 lbs. per cu. ft. or cellular concrete having a plastic (wet) density less than 100 lbs. per cu. ft. Concrete curing agents, sealers, or hardeners should be removed.

Technical Data
    Shipping Weight
  • Companion Square, Stonetex--63 lbs./carton
  • Exelon Supreme--59 lbs./carton
    Imperial Tile
  • 1/8" Gauge--63 lbs./carton
  • 3/32" Gauge--48 lbs./carton
  • Tiles and/or sq. ft. per carton--45
    Gloss (typical value)
  • 60 degrees specular: 20-40
    Reference Specifications
  • Fed. Spec. SS-T-312B(1), Type IV, Comp. 1
  • ASTM F 1066, Comp. 1, Class 2--through pattern MIL STD 1623D for deck covering (shipboard use)
    Static Load Limit
  • ASTM F 970 75 lbs./sq. in. (5.27 kg/cm2) Floors should be protected from sharp-point loads and heavy-static loads.

Note: The extremely high forces exerted by stiletto- or high-heeled traffic (1,000 psi or more) may visibly damage wood floors, resilient flooring and other commercial floor coverings; we will not accept claims for damage caused by stiletto- or high-heeled traffic.

    Comparative Subjective Property Ratings
  • Resilience--good
  • Ease of Maintenance--Excellent Superior (Excelon Suppreme)
  • Durability--1/8" (3.2 mm) excellent,
  • 3/32" (2.4mm) good
  • Cigarette-burn resistance--good

These subjective ratings (superior, excellent, good, fair, poor) are in relation to other floors which comprise all basic types of resilient floors. Ratings are not directly related to any one test; rather, they are broadly based on tests and experience of Research and Development under varying conditions and circumstances.

    Fire Test Data
  • ASTM E 648 Critical Radiant Flux--0.45 watts/cm2 or more, class I
  • ASTM E 662 Smoke--450 or less.

Numerical flammability ratings alone may not define product performance under actual fire conditions. They are provided only for use in the selection of products to meet the limits specified.

Job Conditions

Subfloors/underlayments shall be dry, clean, and smooth. They shall be free from paint, varnish, excessive adhesive residue, wax, oil, and other foreign matter.

For more detailed requirements of concrete subfloors, and for trowelable, metal, and wood subfloor and underlayment requirements, refer to Engineered Installation System booklet, F-5061. A successful Bond and Moisture Test must be completed before installation.

Temperature shall be maintained at a minimum of 65° F (18° C) for 48 hours prior to installation, during installation, and 48 hours after completion. A minimum temperature of 55° F (13° F) shall be maintained thereafter. Condition all flooring materials and adhesives to room temperature prior to starting installation. Protect all materials from the direct flow of heat from hot-air registers, radiators, or other heating fixtures.


Detailed installation instructions may be found in Engineered Installation System booklet, F-5061.

    Initial Maintenance After Installation
  • Sweep or vacuum thoroughly.
  • Do not wash, scrub, or strip the floor for at least four to five days after installation. This is to prevent excess moisture from interfering with the adhesive bond. The floor may be cleaned after installation by damp-mopping with a very dilute neutral detergent solution, carefully scrubbing black marks and excessive soil.
  • As a temporary measure, apply a minimum of two coats of high quality acrylic floor polish to protect the floor until regular maintenance procedures can be started.

Note: Although Stonetex presents a monolithic or solid-colored image, the speckled pattern detail enables it to look better longer than other nonpatterned vinyl composition tile. Stonetex will, however, require more frequent maintenance than vinyl composition tile with more prominent pattern detail.