Chemical Resistance

VPI ESD control flooring has been tested for resistance to various chemicals by placing one cubic centimeter of each chemical on the tile surface and then covering it with a watch glass. The chemicals were in contact with the tile for a twenty-four hour time period. Visual evaluations were made after the tiles were washed with soap and water and allowed to dry under normal room conditions for twenty-four hours.

These tests show that VPI ESD control flooring resists attack from acids, strong alkalis, alcohol, aromatics and aliphatics. Although some strong solvents do attack the tile surface, their effect will be negligible if spills are removed quickly and the solvent is allowed to evaporate from the tile surface before walking on it.

Materials containing strong dyes will strain vinyl flooring within a very short time. In areas where dyes or damaging chemicals must be used, VPI recommends that a dark color be installed to minimize the effects of any stain.

Statemate and Conductile may be stained by asphalt, lipstick, some adhesive tapes, some rubber casters, or rubber-backed throw rugs. All tile should be protected from cigarette burns.