ESD Control Flooring


We offer two different grades of vinyl tile for protection of Electrostatic Discharge--Statmate and Conductile. Conductile (static-conductive) Vinyl Tile and Statmate (static-dissipative) Vinyl Tile contain conductive elements of the carbon family that are randomly but precisely distributed throughout to provide through-tile conductivity.


The Conductive Resilient floor Tile (Conductile) has an electrical resistance of 25,000-1,000,000 ohms and the Static Dissipative Resilient floor Tile (Statmate) has an electrical resistance, floor to ground of 1,000,000 - 100,000,000 ohms.


The #150 conductive epoxy adhesive with which the tile is installed provides lateral tile-to-tile conductive continuity. This system of tile and adhesive creates a pathway of moderate electrical conductivity, allowing static charges to flow safely to a grounding point. With conductive elements distributed throughout their entire 1/8" thickness, Statmate and Conductile retain their conductivity indefinitely.


No special treatment is required to restore or maintain conductivity. The performance of these solid vinyl tile products is not dependent on wear layers, subsurface layers, internal antistatic or humidity due to their homogeneous nature. This makes this product and excellent choice for ESD protection.