Internet Service Provider



Internet Service Providers nationwide are growing at an unbelievable rate! So are their terminal servers, their news servers, their mail servers, their web servers, the servers they are co-locating, the modem pools and the list of equipment goes on and on and on.


What started for many in a back room has become the central environment, immediately demanding cooling and wire management. The easiest way to get someone who works at an ISP to smile is to say to them, "I have so much wire behind my personal computer. "Because if you have never been to an Internet Service Provider's Main Operations Area, you have never seen "cable. "There is more cable per square inch in these facilities than any computer mainframe area. Cable is a way of life for an ISP.


Fortunately, most of them can install used raised flooring that was previously installed in a mainframe computer room for a fraction of the cost. It usually doesn't have to be the finest quality unless they are making a showplace of the facility.


Any used or lightweight floor is perfect for an ISP application of flooring.