Clean Room




Clean Rooms are environments that must be totally clean. No dust, no dirt, no particulates. The airflow is designed to take microscopic particles down off the body, usually by a grated access floor. These floors are all-aluminum and the application is highly specialized. The floors are expensive compared with mainframe type raised floors.


Clean rooms are typically found in hi-tech environments such as biomedical, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities.


Here are some reasons why All Aluminum Access Floors are used in Clean Rooms:

  • they contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields
  • air flow (Perforated) panels and grates provide optimum laminar air flow
  • they are available in a wide selection of conductive and static-dissipative coverings or coatings to meet individual requirements
  • they offer excellent rolling load performance
  • they are lightweight for ease of personnel handling


Selecting this option on the Quick Selector Program will instantly outfit you with an All Aluminum die cast floor which is the ideal solution for class M1 applications.