Frequently Asked Questions

What is RISE Access Floor Cleaner?
RISE is a concentrated, highly effective cleaning product. It is specially formulated for use on high pressure laminate access floor tiles.
How do you clean computer floor panels?

RISE is the only product developed and formulated for use on high pressure laminate on a raised floor system. RISE not only cleans the specific soils associated with computer rooms, it also enhances the static dissipating properties of the floor.

How is RISE different from commercial cleaners?
RISE is a highly concentrated industrial strength cleaner which when used routinely should be diluted with water. It takes only 2 ounces of RISE to equal 64 ounces of the commercial cleaners in strength.

How do you dissipate static off your computer floor?
RISE removes the layer of dirt and dust that acts as an insulating barrier for static dissipation on the top surface of the floor.

Is RISE computer floor cleaner harmful?
All chemicals are harmful if not used according to manufacturers instructions. RISE has tested safe for its intended use.

Is RISE Access floor cleanier flammable?

Do we have a material safety data sheet on RISE?
Yes. We also have a SDS.

When would RISE not be recommended?
On any surface other high pressure laminate. Vinyl, rubber, etc.

Can RISE Access Floor Cleaner be used on computer equipment?
We do not recommend using RISE on anything other than that for which it has been developed and tested.

Can I use RISE at my house...will it clean my shelves?
RISE is too strong for household use and is not packaged for residential use. Do not encourage residential use by employees, etc.

What surface will RISE harm?
Aluminum. Do not use RISE on aluminum floor grilles or handrails in computer rooms.

How do you use RISE?
All directions for use are on product labels.

Is RISE tested?
Yes. It has been used in data center/computer room environments for over 30 years.

How do I know how much is needed?
Depends upon the soil build-up. Typically 8 ounces of RISE diluted with one gallon of water cleans 1000 square feet of flooring on a routine cleanup.