About Rise

RISE is an excellent product for use on computer floors that are surfaced with high pressure laminate. Extensive research and testing has gone into the development of this chemical. RISE will enhance the static dissipating properties of high pressure laminated flooring and clean the specific soils associated with computer rooms. The formula contains no ammonia or abrasives, and is non-flammable. It has been formulated to be "smell-friendly". We knew this product would be used in non-ventilated areas. It's light clean and fresh smelling scent is not offensive.

High pressure laminate is used on access flooring around sensitive equipment because of its excellent ability to dissipate static electricity. However, if the floor surface is not clean, the properties of the laminate will not be effective in controlling static. By simply using RISE, a perfect balance will be obtained. The additional use of anti-static coatings is not necessary. A floor's electrical properties will be affected by humidity, adhesives used, panel paint system and the overall continuity to ground.

The RISE Cleaner has been tested and approved by leading manufacturers of high pressure laminate. This product is safe and effective, used in computer rooms for over 3 decades.

Approximately 8 oz. will economically clean 1000 square feet of access floor. The product is available in gallon sizes. The gallon sizes are packaged 4 to a case. Use it on a regular basis to keep your floor static free and looking great!