Steel Kit - 12 inches high

per square foot
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Complete access floor kit includes Tate AS1250 All Steel panels with high pressure laminate surface and bolted stringer understructure. Color: ST61 Grey Starlite. Includes 24" x 24" panels, adjustable pedestals, steel stringers, fasteners and specialty adhesive. Sold by the square foot in 4' increments.

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Model SK12
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We offer an all steel access floor kit available by the square foot, in 4' increments. The surface covering on the panels is a high pressure laminated finish in the most popular color for raised floors, Grey Starlite. This is an attractive finish, made popular on raised floors because of its low maintenance and static dissipative properties. This All Steel Kit is constructed in such a way that the panels nest inside and are locked into a steel grid, creating an extremely rigid system. The grid for this system is bolted, whereby the crosspieces (stringers) fasten to the pedestal heads. Bolted grid systems are widely used in most applications. The panels are 24" x 24", the standard for raised floors.

The All Steel Kit is a very high quality raised floor and is easy to install. The way the components fit together makes installation easier for the first timer, or for the most experienced. This steel floor panel is also very employee friendly (weighing only 23 pounds) compared to some raised floor panels that weigh over 45 pounds. These lightweight panels are easily managed during installation and even after the floor is installed.

The steel panels we stock are rated at 1250 lbs. per square inch.

This price includes the adhesive that holds the bases to the sub-floor, the pedestal assemblies consisting of an all steel base and adjustable head (1" up and 1" down), the 2' cross pieces (they form a grid) that go from pedestal head to pedestal head, the screw fasteners that fasten the stringers to the pedestal heads, and the panels (which nest inside the grid).

Minimum Purchase of 150 Square Feet. Price is per square foot. Freight and Installation not included. Installation instructions are online for your convenience.

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This floor system is manufactured by TATE®.


By purchasing and installing this floor, the purchaser assumes all liability of complying with federal, state and local building code compliance, fire prevention, ADA Accessibility and Seismic Bracing or any other building code requirement enforced in a customer’s local area. This includes, but is not limited to Reservations, Parishes and County Jurisdictions.