Access Floor Systems Announces Spring Sale on Raised Floor Systems and Components Through June 20, 2013


Access Floor Systems, a Louisiana-based company that has designed, installed and maintained raised floor systems since 1982, is pleased to announce a spring sale on many of its popular raised floor components for data centers, office environments, equipment rooms and other settings. The spring sale is in effect now and is scheduled to end June 20, 2013. 


Their annual spring sale occurs when their warehouse begins to overflow, allowing the company to offer its customers even deeper discounts than usual. More than one dozen popular products are currently on sale, including the heavy duty 5-inch raised floor panel lifter and the stand-up floor panel puller, both of which are used to lift computer floor tiles easily to access equipment. 


A number of grommets are also on sale, which are used to pass cables through a computer raised floor system, seal unique cable openings and, most importantly, increasing the cooling capacity of an existing unit, improve airflow and thermal management and extend the life and reliability of equipment. 


Access Floor Systems launched its website,, in 1994 and is today the largest depository of information about raised floor systems and computer floor tiles. The company provides a wide range of industry-based products, most notably replacement computer floor tiles and raised floor kits, which contain everything necessary to install a floor system. Access Floor Systems sells new as well as used and refurbished floor systems for data centers and business owners interested in maximizing their investment. In addition, Access Floor Systems provides replacement raised floor tiles with the ability to identify, match and offer a price for replacement components for any existing floor system. 


Raised floor systems were first used in the 1960's and 70's, as cabling and cooling systems for computers and equipment developed rapidly. When personal computers became used universally in offices during the 1980's and 90's, raised floors were also used as a part of cooling systems. Today, installing power and optics, voice and data cables, engineering systems and air conditioning and cooling systems beneath a raised floor is an industry standard, as this technology allows ideal working conditions as well as easy access to equipment when necessary. 


Readers interested in taking advantage of the spring sale are encouraged to act quickly as this limited-time sale will end June 20, 2013. All items on sale may be purchased at, along with a range of replacement panels, raised floor kits and a complete array of components. 


About Access Floor Systems
Access Floor Systems, Inc. is a Louisiana-based company that has designed, installed and maintained raised floor systems since 1982. was launched in 1994 and continues to provide everything from completed raised floor kits and replacement panels to grommets, anti-static mats and blanking panels. They provide new, used and refurbished kits and, as always, remain committed to customer service, competitive pricing, fast shipping and reliable products. 


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