Tate Access Floors, Inc.


Large Box for Raised Floors Under 6" High
Part I - Service Outlet Boxes
  1. Manufacturers
    1. Service outlet boxes shall be as manufactured by Tate Access Floors, Inc. and shall consist of the Tate PVD Servicenter, and components specified in Section 1.2.
    2. Alternative products shall meet or exceed the feature requirements as indicated herein and must receive prior written approval by the architect or designer.
  2. Product Description
    1. Service outlet boxes shall be manufacturer’s U.L. listed and labeled access floor boxes capable of accommodating power, voice and data cables and termination points. The service outlet box shall be a drop-in design having a hinged lid with openings for cable pass-through. Lid shall have recess to accept carpet or vinyl inserts. Lids shall be capable of being held in open position by camming action.
    2. Metal components shall be minimum .063” inches thick, hot dipped galvanized steel. Coating shall be G60 minimum. Metal components shall be fastened together by resistance welding, except for power and voice / data plates, which are attached by sheet metal screws for easy removal and replacement.
    3. Lid / frame assembly shall be Lexan 500, or approved equal.
    4. All power, voice and data components shall be U.L. listed or approved.
    5. Boxes shall be 11-1/4” square by 2-1/2” deep.
    6. Boxes shall accommodate ____________ (select quantity: 1 or 2) _______________ (standard or isolated ground) duplex receptacles, and __________ (select quantity: 1 to 4) ____________ (select configuration) voice / data termination points. Duplex receptacles ____________ (are / are not) to be supplied by manufacturer.
    7. Boxes shall be _____________ (select color: brown, grey, or black).