Frequently asked Questions

This is a typical dialogue when someone calls our office.

“What if my room is only 400 square feet? How am I supposed to put a 12’ ramp in there?”

- Many people use a temporary ramp to pass inspection and remove the ramp after inspection.We are not advocating this practice, just letting you know that others have done this.It defeats the whole purpose of the ADA code, which was to make every workplace accessible to those with disabilities.

“But, I don’t need a ramp. No one who works here has a wheelchair.”

-Our interpretation of the code is to make an allowance with all-new construction and modifications to allow for a future employee not to be discriminated against because they can’t make it to the raised floor area to perform their duties.

“But it is an equipment room, people don’t even go in there”.

-We recommend checking with your local inspector. Some of our customers have established that their equipment rooms (not computer rooms) are elevated platforms and have different requirements to satisfy their inspector.