RISE Access Floor Cleaner - Case of 4

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Industry standard for computer floor cleaning. 8 oz. will clean 1000 square feet of access floor. Case contains four gallons. 

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Model RCSD
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For over 30 years, this product has been the industry standard for computer floor cleaning. It was formulated by a leading chemist to be used exclusively on access floor panels with a hard surface covering (high pressure laminate). It enhances the static dissipating properties of access flooring, and also removes the typical soils found on these floors (ink toner, hardened surface soils, etc.)

RISE has been tested and approved by leading manufacturers of high pressure laminate and used for over 3 decades. It is safe and highly effective.

Use it on a regular basis to keep your floor static-free and looking great!

  • Approximately 8 oz. will economically clean 1000 square feet of access floor.
  • Product is sold by the case.
  • Each case contains four gallons.
  • For a current MSDS/SDS on this product see the Data Sheet Tab above.

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Due to the weight and dimensions of this product, we are unable to ship RISE Access Floor Cleaner outside of the US and Canada.