Replacement Computer Room Tiles



Replacement Computer Room Tiles

  • What can you do for us if we want replacement computer room tiles?

    The experts at the Panel ID Center at specialize in identifying new and old raised floors for the purposes of replacing tiles and/or configuring design loads.

  • How long will it take for you to identify my computer room tiles?

    Our goal is to identify your tiles as soon as we receive photos or a sample. Our turn-around time is usually less than one business day.

  • What kind of pictures do I need to take of my tiles?

    A easy-to-use, printable guide can be found here: Instructions for sending pictures.

  • Why do I need to send images? Can't I just tell you what I have over the phone?

    For over 40 years, raised floor companies manufactured tiles without a brand name or a model number stamped on them that would only fit their own understructure. Additionally, each manufacturer also made up to 8 different product lines a decade, each having up to 4 different types of understructure. This is the reason why there is no such thing as a totally universal replacement floor tiles. Even if the tiles are the same size, Manufacturer A's tile will not necessarily fit into manufacturer B's understructure. That is why we cannot offer firm prices to you for replacements based on description alone. By sending in images, you will allow us to positively identify your system and guarantee that the replacement we offer will fit.

  • Nothing is wrong with my tiles, however the top laminate has popped up. Can you resurface my existing tiles?

    Yes, that is a routine service we offer. We still need pictures to properly price the job.

  • What if I need air flow tiles?

    When seeking replacements for perforated tiles, please photograph a solid tile along with the perforated one, as we are able to identify the tile type needed from both tiles. Please let us know if you are seeking a standard perforated tile or a high-velocity perforated tile. A standard perforated tile is the one that is probably installed in your floor. A higher velocity air tile will double the volume of air released by the standard tile.

  • What if I have two or three different floor systems?

    We need images from each system. Please identify where each tile is located in your facility when you submit your information. Examples are: computer room, foyer, print area. Then, when we quote replacements, we will give you a price for the type of tile found in each specific area of your facility.

  • Can you help us get understructure for the grid, too?

    Yes, many older legacy raised floor systems are still available. Our goal is to provide you will the exact replacement first before seeking out alternate manufacturers. Follow the instructions for sending pictures.

  • What about edge trim?

    Edge trim is available in a quantity of 100 pieces only. Please don't send images for trim. Send us a tiny sample. Remember to use a protective padded envelope as sometimes we receive envelopes with nothing in them because the edge trim punched through the side. Instructions for sending in a physical sample.

  • What about discounts for larger orders?

    We offer pricing based on the number of tiles that are ordered. Please let us know how many tiles you will need. We can figure out the appropriate freight costs and include it with our quotation so you will have everything that is required to purchase.

  • Can you provide replacement tiles for floor systems not 24" x 24"?

    Standard tiles are 24" x 24" inches (or 2' x 2') originally manufactured in the USA and Canada. We can provide some metric and custom-sized replacement tiles. Please measure and note the size required on your Submission Form.

  • Our facility is located in a secure area and we can't take a camera in there? What do I do?

    Take one tile out of the room and photograph it in the hall. We will work with you on determining the extra information required.

  • We do not have the ability to take a photograph. What do I need to do?

    We prefer to receive digital images, even if they are from your cell phone. Please call us for the number to text your images to. If you must send a tile, please go back to the Panel Replacement Services page and follow the instructions.

  • I just need a budget price for next fiscal year. Can you give me one?

    Visit the Quick IDC Quote for a generic price for replacement tiles. If you need a firm price, a formal quote will be offered once you have filled out the Submission Form and submitted photographs of your existing tile.

  • Do I need to send in an entire tile?

    Absolutely not. Corner pieces usually contain all of the information we need to identify your floor. The best sample is a full corner detail up to 12" x 12" and no smaller than 6" x 6". The only exception to this is if you are sending in a wood filled tile, in that case we only need a 4" x 4" corner. If you are unable to send us a cut piece, the next best thing is one full side of a tile (typically found along the perimeter of your floor near a wall), however, it can be no smaller than 6" in width. If you must send in a full tile, please keep in mind that full 2' x 2' tile are frequently damaged in shipping to us, so packing it extremely well will reduce the potential of your tile being damaged. Please do not send in a cutout piece of tile that does not include the corner detail (for example, a piece of the inside of the tile). Also, do not send in a piece of high pressure laminate only to represent your floor system unless you are seeking replacement laminate sheeting. Please do not send us wood crated tiles as we are unable to receive them. If you need perforated tiles, please send a solid piece, not a perforated one.

  • How long will it take for you to return my sample?

    We will ship it back to you as soon as we have it cataloged. Because of the many variables involved, the whole process can take up to 5 days. Most of our customers send us a sample of the floor and we discard the sample. Should you need your sample tile back, simply indicate that on the form and we will send it back to you. If you do not indicate that you want your sample tile returned, it will be retained for a period of 7 days, and after that it will be discarded. We use UPS Ground Service to return the tile or components back to you. However, if you want it back sooner, we can ship it overnight using your FedEx account or UPS account.

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