Upgrading Your All Steel Panels to Concrete-Filled

steel concrete panel

In most cases steel panels can be upgraded to concrete-filled panels. Many raised floor manufacturers produced a steel raised floor panel and then filled the panel with a lightweight cement material to achieve higher load ratings.

The most common reason to upgrade steel panels to concrete-filled is because of warping or sound. Concrete-filled panels make an excellent addition to a facility because they provide an increase in the rolling load capability of your floor and concrete-filled panels are quieter and feel more solid under your feet.

All steel panels and concrete-filled panels are available with ratings from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds concentrated load on any one square inch. This is often referred to as the design load. The biggest difference between these panels is the concrete filled panels have an ability to handle a heavy load rolling repetitively. Concrete-filled panels are typically rated at 1250 pound on one square inch. The rolling and impact load ratings as defined by CISCA are changed significantly by substituting steel panels for concrete-filled.

The bottom line is that it is now possible to upgrade your existing hollow panels to concrete-filled panels.  If you are a previous customer, please just give us a call and we can bring up your file and assist you with your options or let us know what you need here.

If you are a new customer, we will need to identify your floor system. This will let us know which upgrade will work for your grid. Just send us some images and follow the instructions at our Replacement Services page.

How to Identify a Steel Access Floor System

Steel access floor systems are typically constructed with a bolted stringer understructure system or a cornerlock system. 

Bolted Stringer Understructure



If your system does not look like either of the above images please try our Woodcore page or visit our Panel Identification Center for support. 

Replacement Panels

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