Used Raised Floor Systems




The decision to purchase used raised floor systems is certainly a smart one. After all, many of the largest government and data centers have moved to Cloud Computing and their raised floor systems are being decommissioned, creating a buyer's market. These systems are nearly as good as a brand-new raised floor, although they may be up to 70% cheaper. If you're environmentally conscious, recycling is the right thing to do. 

To help you maximize the money you spend, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

1. Consider a Non-Brand Raised Floor

The value and cost of used raised floor systems is based on their condition, color, performance specifications and, yes, the popularity of the manufacturer. This means you can save even more by choosing an obsolete system, from TATE, Liskey, or ASM Access Floors. Be sure to ask for original performance specifications, although virtually all raised floor tile systems in the same class perform the same. 

2. Think About Surface Covering

HPL, or High Pressure Laminate, is the most popular surface for computer floor tiles, with Grey Starlite the most common color choice. HPL is a good choice for raised floor tiles surrounding sensitive equipment as it dissipates static electricity very well while the surface is very washable. 

You may also choose carpeting, which is available for two types of computer floor tiles. One option is purchasing a Bare Used Floor System, which allows carpet tiles to be installed with adhesive over the bare system. This requires removing the carpet tiles to lift the raised floor panels when access is required. An easier option is choosing used computer floor tiles with factory carpet pre-installed, which offers the same freedom of access as the HPL panels. 

3. Condition is Key with Used Raised Floor Systems

Used raised floor tile systems are graded from A to F based on their condition. Still, a system with a D rating is not necessarily a bad thing, as it depends on how it will be used. For example, if you plan to put carpet tile on your raised floor, a D-graded system may be an acceptable and money-smart choice. Here's how the rating system breaks down: 

A: Perfect and looks brand-new

B: Slight scratches, no rust or edge trim missing

C: Surface is worn, some rust, some missing edge trim

D: Acceptable with some rust but in good enough condition to put carpet tile over

F: Not acceptable with rust; suitable only for platform applications

4. Factor in Shipping

Don't forget that used raised floor tiles and systems are quoted FOB factory, which means freight is not included and will depend on total weight and your zip code. You may require additional shipping services, depending on the job site, such as inside delivery for a team to deliver the freight to a room. This service is elevator-only and does not include delivering the material up or down stairs.

A used computer raised floor is an excellent decision that saves money and the environment. Still, you need to consider condition, brand, surface covering and other factors to make an informed choice and maximize your investment. Visit our raised floor kits products page to find a full selection of raised floor systems, both new and used, as well as a Quick Quote tool to help you estimate the cost and determine exactly what you'll need.


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