Retired Data Center Raised Floors Go to Heaven


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Amen! Old data center raised floors have a higher calling. While big churches usually pay architects to design upgrades, smaller churches have turned to refurbished raised floor systems to elevate an area. Traditionally a church would install plywood which eventually would creak.

Now many worship facilities are turning to raised floors which offer new found durability and strength without all the noise. Also, the costs for used raised flooring are very attractive.

Refurbished panels for churches are the second coming of data center raised floor tiles, giving new life to decommissioned and refurbished floor systems and allowing them to gain access to the Lord's work.

Refurbished Raised Floors are the Answer for Many Small Churches

Refurbished raised floor systems start out as used raised floors that have been decommissioned or taken out of use from data centers or other facilities. After they're carefully removed, these pre-owned raised floors are freshly laminated and offered by the square foot in four foot increments, which makes them a perfect solution for sound box platforms in church, along with choir and pulpit platforms.

Eliminate Squeaky Floors with Easy Installation
Refurbished raised floors eliminate the squeaks and creaks of plywood and offer greater strength, yet they are easy to install with components that fit together for easy installation, even for a first timer.

Raised floor systems are constructed in a way that the raised floor tiles nest inside and lock within a steel grid for a very rigid system. This grid is then bolted, so the cross pieces, or stringers, are fastened to the pedestal heads.

Options for Surface Coverings
When used raised floor systems are refurbished, they may be updated with any type of covering offered, or left bare to install carpet once they are installed. High pressure laminate, or HPL, is by far the most common choice for data center applications, but carpet is more popular in churches. Some church sound board platforms need to be protected against static so anti-static carpet is a clear winner for solving this problem. Carpet will reduce the sound and provide0 a pleasing aesthetic.

The cost of buying a refurbished raised floor is comparable to having a plywood raised floor installed, with more benefits to enjoy. There's no need to hire a carpenter to install a traditional wood floor that's only going to be creaking in a matter of months, only to worry about mold and rot down the road. If you're wondering how you can raise the choir higher without spending a fortune or dealing with the awful groaning of an aging plywood floor beneath them, it may be time to get creative and give a raised floor system new life to do the Lord's work.


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