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There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. 


Our strict adherence to high standards of identification, detailed quoting, tracking and order management have generated consistent success for our small and Fortune 500 customers for more than three decades.  We have continued to invest in the systems that make our identifications right the first time. We have the largest known collection in the industry of raised floor cut sheets, detailed technical specifications and manufacturers brochures. 


Carol and her father

By Carol Blake, second generation.


"It’s all about having the knowledge and expertise. Our knowledge database dates all the way back to 1971, when raised floors were starting to be mainstream. I can remember being in high school and my father coming home exhausted while he was overseeing the first raised floor to be installed in New Orleans, for Shell Offshore.  No one in the area had installed a floor and my father, who was a Professional Engineer, was asked by Shell to find and furnish and install a raised floor system. It was a huge undertaking, as there were no experts in the New Orleans area. But one he was willing to accept and after that experience he became known in New Orleans and eventually the Gulf Coast as the expert. He learned along the way, opened up warehouses, and perfected his offerings as a turnkey Computer Room Provider. His company at the time Data Processing Accessories, offered raised floors, air conditioning systems, fire suppression systems, and card access readers.  I started to work for him in 1975 and by 1982 I wanted to start my own company with raised floor as my only offering. We parted ways and he was very supportive. He loved the electrical and mechanical aspects of his work and I preferred the architectural aspects. I started my own business and became a Tate Access Floor dealer, actually the first female dealer in the world. At the time, and even now, there are only a handful of companies that offer expertise in this industry. It gets passed on to the next generation.   The next generation has been in training for awhile now, and one day in the future I will retire and act as Senior Staff member until I am unable to perform that function, as my father did for me."


Here is a recent press release from when we turned 30:


Access Floor Systems Celebrates 30 Years in the Access Floor Industry


Access Floor Systems, a Louisiana-based market leader and expert of raised floor systems and raised floor panels, is celebrating 30 years in the access floor industry.


Access Floor Systems was founded in late 1982 near New Orleans, Louisiana and remains a privately held, woman-owned and operated company. Their goal over the past three decades has remained the same: making a difference through service, competitive pricing, high-quality products and on-time delivery.


The company has also remained an innovator in the industry and is today a pioneer and the world's leading provider of products and systems for access floor maintenance, developing industry standards to maintain existing raised floor systems.


In August, 1988, Access Floor Systems created RISE Access Floor Cleaner, the first cleaning product of its kind to safely clean access floor systems, which is formulated to be used with the TurboLava, a specially designed automatic scrubber. RISE prevents the common side effects of using the wrong product to clean raised floors with a formulation designed to extend the lifespan of the floor itself. It was formulated in direct response to the improper raised floor care that was prevalent at the time.


Now available for over 20 years, RISE Access Floor Cleaner has become the industry standard for cleaning computer floors and it is the result of a careful formulation by a leading chemist to be used exclusively on raised floor systems with a hard surface covering, such as high pressure laminate.


In 1989, Access Floor Systems CEO, Carol Blake, published the first industry standards for raised floors titled The Guide to Access Floor Maintenance, which is now in its 8th printing. This invaluable resource offers the latest information on the care and maintenance of raised floor systems, including structural and environmental guidelines. It remains a one-of-a-kind guide and is still the most complete guide on raised floor care in existence.


Blake maintains a hands-on approach and continues to actively work in the industry, and she has personally trained more than 75 raised floor companies throughout the United States on behalf of Access Floor Systems about how to perform raised floor cleaning for their customers.

Access Floor Systems launched its website,, in June of 1994. The company sold the first raised floor on the Internet and their website has now become the largest depository of information about raised floor environments in existence.


Because Access Floor Systems has been in business for so long, it was collected a vast and unrivaled array of information, brochures and performance specs on raised floor systems, maintaining a comprehensive system that allows the company to identify legacy raised floor tiles and provide suitable replacement panels.


Access Floor Systems continues to provide complete raised floor kits and replacement components, including raised floor tiles, anti-static mats and grommets with a massive selection of new, used and refurbished kits. Access Floor Systems remains committed to the continuing the founding principles of excellence through customer service, reliability and competitive pricing.


About Access Floor Systems
Access Floor Systems, Inc. is a Louisiana-based company that has maintained raised floor systems since 1982. was launched in 1994 and continues to provide everything from completed raised floor kits and replacement panels to energy efficient grommets, anti-static carpets and blanking panels. They provide new, used and refurbished kits and, as always, remain committed to customer service, competitive pricing, fast shipping and reliable products.