Important Guidelines for In-House Care of Raised Floor Systems

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One of the greatest challenges of raised floor systems is proper care to avoid contamination and integrity issues. Unfortunately, a substantial amount of the damage to raised floor systems comes from the very act of attempting to clean them. Here is important information that may be helpful while instructing personnel in proper cleaning procedures. 

Using the Right Products

Harsh cleaning products that contain chlorine, ammonia or harsh detergents should never be used on computer floor tiles, as these chemicals will cause damage to the sensitive equipment and create contamination. Brooms should never be used to sweep in a computer room, as this generates airborne dust. Instead, a dry lint-free mop is safe for use on a computer raised floor as it will trap dust. If spot cleaning is necessary, it may be done with a damp, not wet, mop. 

Power cleaners are inappropriate for any type of raised floor tiles, and any products used must be tested to NEMA standards to ensure chemicals do not harm the static dissipating properties of raised floor systems. 

An excellent investment is a simple lint-free dedicated mop with a seamless bucket that is labelled for use only on the computer raised floor. In-house maintenance staff must be trained on the use of these products and this mop must only be used in this area. 

RISE Products for Raised Floor Systems

You can also use RISE products for heavily soiled areas. RISE is approved for use on high pressure laminate computer floor tiles and enhances static dissipating properties while cleaning soil associated with computer rooms. RISE is made with a non-abrasive, non-flammable and ammonia-free formula with no offensive odor that allows it to be used in non-ventilated areas. 

Be Careful with Janitor Service!

It's very important to understand the trouble you can run into by allowing a janitor to clean a computer room as if it's just any other room. Janitors who do not understand the critical nature of this equipment may be a major source of contamination to your facility, as they have been known to use the same mop used in the bathrooms on the computer floor tiles. These mops have a build-up of wax and chemicals, which is then mopped onto the computer raised floor. Along with contamination, the wax will also ruin the floor's ability to dissipate static electricity. Janitors may also bring in large garbage cans on wheels, creating airborne particulates in this closed room. 

Data centers and computer facilities are definitely dynamic environments, and there is often a great deal going on, from installing new power or fire protection circuits to performing necessary maintenance. With planning, these activities can continue with minimal contamination, although it's essential to follow these guidelines to prevent the build-up of contamination that not only harms your sensitive computer equipment but also creates a health hazard. 


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