Raised Floor Challenges & Data Center Optimization


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Raised floor owners have unique challenges and they seek our expertise to provide them with solutions. We can help these customers in a variety of ways. It is difficult for a customer to find replacement panels and accessories for their floor system. At our website they can get instant quotes online for replacement panels and ultimately purchase them. Rising energy costs are another problem for our customers. We offer products to make their data centers more energy efficient. In addition, their floors are aging, and we provide attractive cost effective solutions. We identify their panels and give them ratings so they know if their floor will support new equipment.

Access floor manufacturers for over 40 years made their panels so that they would fit only their own under structure or grid system. In addition, they didn't stamp a brand name or a model number on them. Almost every customer we have does not know the model number of their floor system. They also do not know its load rating. We have a huge archive which goes back to 1964 which helps us identify their raised floor system. Our archive consists of old specifications, drawings, cut sheets, original product pictures and brochures from a variety of manufacturers. We own one of the largest historic collections of manufacturer's product data, complimented by photographs customers have sent in from field installations. 

When a customer changes their technology, they need our help. A typical raised floor features a customer who has removed old equipment and needs to purchase some new panels. Because it was probably installed in 1985 they have no clue who it was purchased from or where to get additional panels. They go to our website, from there they send us some pictures, we identify their floor, and offer them a price for their replacement panels. 


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