F Molding Insert

(per 21 sq ft roll)
Quick Overview

Neoprene foam insert designed to fit inside of F Molding when installed in a cable cutout. Prevents underfloor air loss and keeps subfloor free from debris. Each order contains one 21 sq. ft. roll. Color: Black. 

Additional Information
Model FMIR
Notes In Stock

This foam insert fits inside of F Molding when it is installed into a cable cutout in a raised floor panel.  It stops underfloor air loss as well as preventing light items from falling to the raised floor subfloor. It also keeps the subfloor free from surface dust and debris.


  • Constructed of tough, closed-cell neoprene
  • Simple knife or box cutter required for trimming
  • Easily customizable to fit various cutout shapes and sizes
  • Not designed for foot traffic 
  • Each order contains one 21 sq. ft. roll of foam
  • Color: Black
  • Sold by sheet 1/2" thick x 42" x 72", (21 sq/ft)