Peel and Stick Carpet Adhesive

(per carton of 12 pieces)
Quick Overview

Factory-applied peel and stick adhesive for 24" x 24" Carpet Tiles.

Additional Information
Model CTPS

Install your carpet tiles in moments with peel and stick, resealable adhesive. By selecting this product, your 24" x 24" Carpet Tiles will be shipped with the factory-applied adhesive ready to go. This is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional Carpet Adhesive.

Peel and Stick factory applied adhesive.  This is a factory option to have your ESD Carpet tile provided with a factory applied releasable adhesive.  The carpet will be shipped from the factory with a paper backing which is removed before installation.  Order 1 of this item for each box of ESD Carpet Tile.

Each order provides adhesive ready to go for a carton (12) carpet tiles. 

This item cannot be ordered separately from ESD Carpet Tile.  This option is in lieu of rolled on liquid releasable adhesive.


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