Pedestal for Woodcore and Calcium Sulphate System

Quick Overview

All-steel three-part assembly consisting of a base, head and gasket. Offers 5,000 axial load. Please select desired size. 

Additional Information
Model PWCX
Notes In Stock, Allow 3 - 4 days for processing of your order

Heavy duty steel pedestals are designed to be used on some woodcore and calcium sulphate systems. Pedestals support stringers, which form a grid. The raised floor panels sit on top of this grid.

This is a three-part assembly consisting of a base, head and gasket. The base is a flat plate welded to a square tube. The head has an all-thread rod welded to a flat plate with 8 holes. The all-thread rod is inserted into the tube and the height is adjusted with a locking nut. The black gasket is part of the design and can be removed for a flat installation.

If this part is being recommended as a replacement it is beacuse there is no other system that will fully interface with your grid that is manufactured today.  This pedestal will enable you to "make it work" and extend the life of your existing floor.  This will require some onsite creativity and cutting by a carpenter to get them to work and interface with your existing obsolete system.

Pedestals are available in several different sizes. Measure from the top of your floor panel to the slab for the correct pedestal height.

 6" Pedestal can be adjusted up to 5.25" and down to 3.75"

12" Pedestal can be adjusted up to 11.5" and down to 9.5"

18" Pedestal can be adjusted up to 17.5" and down to 15.5"

24" Pedestal can be adjusted up to 23.5" and down to 21.5"