LookTec Tile - Raised Floor Look-Alike Tiles

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Raised Floor Look Alike Laminate sheet. Color:  Grey Starlite

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In the tech world, functionality is key. But in the business world, your image can be just as important as your capabilities, if not more.

When it comes to your facility, a raised floor helps you project the image of a state-of-the-art tech company that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to creating the best setup possible.This means that, whether your facility design requires raised flooring or not, one thing remains true:

Creating a “raised floor look” can be very valuable to your business or your photo shoot.

Unfortunately, cement or other flooring tends to make people think of your facility as a “budget” operation.  It’s silly, but it’s true! That’s why we’ve created LookTec Tiles to enable you to make sure that your facility tours and photos always inspire the maximum amount of confidence in customers and partners. 

With LookTec Tiles, you don’t need to create a “true” raised floor system.  Instead, you can simply install these full sheet tiles directly on most existing floors and get the right look for your facility, without having to change your cabling or infrastructure.  The result is a cost-effective aesthetic change to your facility that will always impress. 

Of course, LookTec Tiles are not just about aesthetics. They’re also a durable, static-dissipative material that has been used for decades for data centers and other high-tech settings where sophisticated and sensitive equipment is located. But the key benefit is the look they create.

As anyone will tell you when it comes to success in business: If you want to get ahead, you need to look the part!

The size is the same as a standard raised floor panel:  24" x 24" with a beveled integral edge.  Thickness of tile is 1/16" so no height is added to the room and a beveled edge provides a smooth transition.  This product can be cut to fit around existing equipment so moving racks is not necessary for existing facilities.

Whenever you might see a raised floor in a data center on a commercial, you aren't looking at a data center.  These are the industry standard for look alike raised floor.