ZTFLOOR® Calcium Sulphate Sample Kit

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Sample kit consists of: 1 Calcium Sulphate Panel with High Pressure Laminate Surface and bolted stringer understructure. Color: HPL Gray Starlight. Includes a 24” panel, 4 Pedestals, 4 2’ Stringers, and 4 Screws. 

Additional Information
Model ZTCS1250SAM
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We offer a sample raised floor kit using Calcium Sulphate Panels manufactured by ZTFLOOR®. This sample floor kit includes a ZTFLOOR Calcium Sulphate panel with high pressure laminate surface and bolted stringer understructure. Color: Grey Starlight. Includes a 24" x 24" panel, 4 adjustable pedestals, 4 steel stringers, and 4 screws. Sample is offered in a 6" Finished floor height only.

This ZTFLOOR Kit is a tough raised floor system offering excellent rolling and ultimate load performance with a Class A Flame spread rating.

The surface covering on the panels is a high pressure laminated finish in the most popular color for raised floors, Grey Starlite. This is an attractive finish, made popular on raised floors because of its low maintenance and static dissipative properties. 100% recyclable calcium sulphate powder and pulp. The greenest floor available.

This system is rated at 1250 lbs. on any one square inch.