NetFloor Eco 40 Low Profile Access Floor Kit

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Netfloor USA ECO is our most popular low profile access floor with built in cable management trenches and optional electrical/data floor boxes. It is comprised of strong and lightweight polypropylene panels that have a finished floor height of 1.5". This kit is available by the square foot (mininum of 52 sq. ft.).  

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Model ECO40KIT
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Netfloor USA ECO 40 is a high-strength, flexible cable management access floor system utilizing high strength lightweight polypropylene panels. Each panel is supported by non adjustable 64 built-in pedestals allowing the panels to accommodate minor subfloor variations or imperfections. The high number of support pedestals also provides superior load ratings and crush strength.

Netfloor USA ECO is a low profile access floor with built in cable management trenches and optional electrical/data floor boxes with a finished floor height of 1.57".

This kit has the features you need in a flexible cable management floor:

  • Lightweight Panel Design
  • High Strength - CISCA tested 1,300 lbs
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% recyclable
  • Great Cable Organization
  • Accepts Any Floor Covering
  • Easy to Redeploy
  • 5 year warranty
  • Allowable cable space in trench: 3.54" W x 1.37" H

This kit includes everything you need to get started including Unipanels, Flank Caps, Central Caps, Base Connectors, End Caps and even a Sound Attenuating Blanket. This provides a thin layer on which the entire Cable Management Floor system is installed.

Integral to the system are trench plates, which cover the integral cable trenches. As the ECO floor is installed, it creates built-in cable trenches in a 2' x 2' grid pattern, perfect for running power and data cables anywhere in the room. 

This floor is a great alternative to a traditional raised access floor when underfloor air distribution is not needed. With a height range from 1.57" (40mm), the ECO 40 preserves precious floor to ceiling height, while providing an organized and flexible cable management system. Netfloor USA ECO is well-suited for applications such as: office spaces, retail stores, call centers, command and control centers, museums, libraries, IT Labs and more.

The flooring system is flexible enough to be built around obstructions such as columns, corners and curves. It is strong enough to have walls, partitions and consoles built directly on it. The flooring system readily accepts a variety of surface coverings such as: carpet, VCT and more. The ECO 40 access floor offers simple and fast installation, and is easily reconfigured when room layout and cabling needs change.

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Read a more detailed description of each kit component below: 


Constructed of high strength polypropylene, the dark gray UNIPANEL forms the basis for the cable management floor. Despite its light weight (5 lbs.), the 40mm UNIPANEL has a Design Load Rating of 1,300 lbs. 

Each UNIPANEL has 64 mini pedestals on the underside, which distributes the load from the floor above more evenly than if supported at only the four corners. The dark dray UNIPANELS are made from a majority of recycled content and are fully recyclable. The panels are constructed with a modular matrix which provides high strength while remaining light and easy to handle. The panels are easy to customize by cutting out sections to fit around obstructions like columns, posts, walls and more, while retaining high structural integrity.

Flank Caps

Flank Caps form the basis for the integrated cable trenches as well as help lock the UNIPANELS into position. Flank caps are easily removed to run additional wires and cables without affecting the integrity or alignment of the floor. Made from high strength steel with a matte black finish.

Central Caps

A Central Cap is placed at the intersection of cable trenches, on a 2' x 2' grid. Central caps help lock the UNIPANELS into position, but also serve as a junction point for the cable trenches. Made from high strength steel with a matte black finish.

Base Connectors

Base Connectors help lock the UNIPANELS into place and keep the floor square. A small margin of 1/16" is built into the Base Connectors to facilitate lining up and squaring the floor when the first panels are laid. Once several panels are laid down and checked for alignment, the UNIPANELS and Base Connectors lock into place and are immobile. Made from high strength plastic.

End Caps

End Caps are part of the cable trench system, and are used to finish off the end of a cable trench row when it meets a wall or partition. Made from high strength steel with a matte black finish

Sound Attenuating Blanket 

A closed cell foam sheet underlayment is the first item to be laid down. It provides a thin layer on which the entire Cable Management Floor system is installed. This underlayment helps dampen any noise from loads and movement on the floor above, as well as provides insulation between your concrete slab and the floor system.

By purchasing and installing this floor, the purchaser assumes all liability of complying with federal, state and local building code compliance, fire prevention, ADA Accessibility and Seismic Bracing or any other building code requirement enforced in a customer’s local area. This includes, but is not limited to Reservations, Parishes and County Jurisdictions.

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