1 7/8 Inch Air Sealing Grommet

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One finger-size hole accommodates small cables. Consists of an outer flange and a single insert. 1 7/ 8" hole is needed for installation, internal cable opening size is 1 5/8". This grommet is 1 1/2" deep. Color: Black

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Model AFSG2
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Grommets are sleeves which are installed into raised floor panels. They protect cables from being cut by the sharp edges created after cutting into a panel for wire access. In addition, they protect employee fingers from sharp panel edges.

Grommets are made from injected molded plastic resins designed for long-lasting wear and are resistant to chipping or breakage.

A 1 7/8" hole is needed for installation, and the internal cable opening size is 1 5/8". This grommet is 1 1/2" deep for full protection from the cut raised floor panel. It is manufactured from flame retardant A.B.S. resin, a strong durable plastic material. It has a one piece finger-size hole that will accommodate small cables.

Remember a hole saw is required to cut the opening in a floor panel when using circular grommets.

Several sizes are available. We stock black grommets because it is the most popular color. Grey is available by special order.