4" x 4" Cable Guard

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Preformed plastic liners used to guard cables in raised floor panels. Size 4" x 4". Color: Black. Screws sold separately. 

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Model CG4
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The best way to speed up the process of making cutouts in your raised floor is by installing cable guards.

After years of field experience, we have found that making a simple cut into the side of a panel and installing a cable guard is much more user-friendly than cutting a hole in the panel and installing a round grommet. Circular grommets force the user to place their hand through a small hole and work from underneath the adjacent panel or to disconnect all of the equipment, which is inefficient and time-consuming. However, if there are problems with wiring and there is a cable guard installed, one can simply remove the panel, bunch the wires together, and then reinsert the panel, easily guiding the cables through the cable guard slot. 

Our 4" x 4" black cable guards are made of durable, rigid plastic and are designed to last. Installation is easy and takes moments. Start by making a basic cut into the side of the panel, then slip the preformed plastic sleeve into the cutout, screw into place, and the job is done.

Please note that the three countersunk holes on the cable guard accept molding screws which are sold separately.