AIRBLOXX™ Foam Insert

(per 4 sq. ft of foam)
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Economical solution to seal openings in raised floors, 24" x 24" x 2" perforated sheet. Perforated 1" cubes. Each order contains 1 each 24” x 24" x 2” sheets (4 square feet) of perforated foam.

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AIR-BLOXX is a solution to seal openings in raised floors, especially odd size openings or mechanical and electrical piping on perimeters of raised floor areas. The Air-Bloxx foam can also be used to seal under rack spaces or voids in any IT area that requires air leakage control. Air-Bloxx come in 24" x 24" sheets which have been perforated into 1" cubes and tear away to the shape required. The material is flame retardant and can be used with existing cutouts.

Sealing around cable openings offers the following benefits:
  • Reduced air loss and increased under-floor static pressure
  • Improved cooling efficiencies and extended cooling equipment life
  • Dramatically reduced plant running costs. Over 50% of conditioned air does not get to the air intake of data room equipment due to unsealed openings
  • Facilitates Cold / Hot aisle best practice