Raised Floor Panel Lifter - 5 Inch Heavy Duty

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Safely and easily lifts concrete-filled raised floor panels for manual handling. Heavy duty lifter has two black 5” replaceable rubber cups mounted on a solid aluminum die-cast handle. One lifter is recommended for every 500 sq. ft. of flooring. Maximum lift load is 75 lbs.

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Model DSCPL5
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The very best way to remove panels in a raised floor environment is by using an industry-standard double suction cup panel lifter. Not only it is easier to use and more efficient than other methods, having the correct lifting device available eliminates the use of improper, makeshift tools to raise panels (screwdrivers, plungers, knives). This prevents damage to expensive panels and vital understructure, extending the life of a floor system while also lowering the risk of injury.  

Our Heavy Duty lifter has two black 5” rubber cups mounted on a solid aluminum die-cast handle. The suction cups are replaceable, which means that this lifter will last for years. This lifter is designed to lift concrete-filled access floor panels. Please note that this lifter is only designed to raise the panel out of the understructure so that it may be manually handled. Do not attempt to completely move a panel or walk with a panel attached to this lifter.

Having a designated place to store your panel lifter makes it far less likely to be misplaced or lost. With that in mind, we recommend one panel lifter and one Panel Lifter Holder for every 500 square feet of flooring.