Deluxe Standing Panel Lifter- BackSaver Edition

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Industrial design includes one double cup 5" lifter on the end of a 32" ergonomic handle operated with a 4" black cushion grip. Weighs only 7 pounds. Color: Silver/Gray.

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Model DPL
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One of the newest innovations in panel lifting devices is the Deluxe Standing Panel Lifter. This device was designed so the user can stand and not have to bend or kneel down when lifting and replacing access floor panels. Unlike smaller panel lifters, this lifter can be used to both raise and move floor panels. Its advanced technology puts safety in the data center at your fingertips.


  • Two 5 inch black rubber suction cups
  • 32 inch from handle to access floor
  • 4 inch black cushion grip
  • Concealed heavy duty tension cable
  • Industrial strength steel casing
  • Ergonomic release handle
  • Die cast aluminum suction device
  • Advanced pressure release technology
  • Color: silver/gray
  • Weight: 7 pounds each