Carpet Panel Lifter

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Die cast aluminum handle and pads with strengthened steel pins and levers. 12" long x 3" wide x 2-5/8" high

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Model CPL
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Carpet Panel Lifters are the most efficient way to remove access floor panels which have carpet permanently attached to them. This rugged and durable lifter is made with a die cast aluminum handle and seated pin beds.

The key to this lifter’s efficiency is hardened sharp steel pins. By applying downward pressure on the handle, the steel pins penetrate the carpet fibers and grasp the carpet securely. One of the main reasons we offer this lifter is because it is far superior than the less expensive claw lifters that do not have a downward lever. Those will pinch your hand.

When extended lifter measures 12 inches long x 3 inches wide.

Remember that any lifter that you might use is only for lifting. Do not attempt to move any panel with a lifter attached. Panel lifters are used to lift the panels only to allow for manual handling.