AirBlock 5 Inch Aluminum Air Blocking Grommet

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Quick Overview

Protects cables and stops bypass airflow. Rotating cover accommodates different sizes of cables. Aluminum outer flange and neoprene gasket insert. A 5" hole is needed for installation, internal cable opening size is 4. 2" deep. Color: Silver or Black.

Additional Information
Model ABAL5
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The most effective way to allow cables to pass safely through panels in your raised floor system is by installing grommets. Grommets form a protective barrier around valuable cabling, preventing them from being sliced or abraded by the sharp panel edges created when the floor is cut. They also have the added benefit of keeping fingers and hands safe from those same sharp edges while handling cables in cut-out areas of panels. 

This model is similar to our standard 5" grommet, however, it is constructed of strong anodized aluminum and has a special neoprene insert which creates an airtight seal around cables, eliminating air loss around the grommet. It is ideal for data centers with hot aisle/cold aisle containment plans, or for facilities that wish to improve overall PUE. 


  • Designed for foot traffic; will also support loads of up to 500 lbs. without failure
  • Heavy-duty die cast aluminum frame is designed to last 
  • Neoprene air-sealing insert is EDPM fire-rated 
  • Rotating cover easily accommodates different cable sizes
  • A 5" hole is needed for installation, internal cable opening size is 4 1/2"
  • Grommet is 2" deep for full protection from the cut raised floor panel
  • A hole saw is required when making circular cuts in floor panels
  • Easy installation using two clamping devices

Available in a Natural Clear or Black Powder Coated Finish