ESD Carpet Tile - Rushmore

(per carton of 12 pieces)
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Easy to install StaticSmart™ Landmark Mission Critical Anti-Static carpet tiles. Multi level patterned loop. LEED Qualified. One box will cover 48 square feet and will have 12 tiles per box. Adhesive sold separately. 19 oz/sq.yd. Lifetime commercial warranty.

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Notes This is a standard color and normally in stock, however, lead times from the mill may vary. Please call for current inventory.

StaticSmart™ Landmark Series anti static carpet tiles are manufactured with conductive fiber woven into every tuft of the face yard making it the perfect choice for Mission Critical Environments.

These 24" x 24" carpet tiles are the perfect choice for permanent static protection offering durability, performance, and outstanding value.

Designed to work without the need for any additional anti static sprays these carpet tiles meet ANSI ESD S20.20 requirements. These 24" by 24" carpet tiles will show minimum wear and are low maintenance. They can be installed with or without a tacky conductive releasable adhesive.

This product is a 19 oz/sq.yd. commercial grade carpet tile with a lifetime commercial warranty. Adhesive can ordered separately and this product is also avaiable with a peel and stick solution upgrade. 

One box will cover 48 square feet and will have 12 each 24" x 24" carpet tiles with grounding clips included.

The environmentally friendly EcoWorx backing is PVC Free and contains No Phthalates offering recycled content with low VOC emissions.

StaticSmart™ ESD Carpet tiles will absorb static electricity and will pass the charge from the surface through the conductive backing or adhesive to the flooring sub-system to ground.

Offering a real static control solution, StaticSmart™ ESD flooring is designed to provide maximum performance with permanent reliability and durability. With its patented FibreLink construction, StaticSmart™ ESD carpet safely and effectively dissipates static at a controlled rate. The FibreLink conductive monofilament fiber is twisted into every tuft, creating conductive contact points throughout the tile. StaticSmart™ ESD static control flooring meets the Motorola R56 site requirements. Static charges are ionized at the surface of the carpet and conducted directly to ground through a conductive thermoplastic backing or patented optional conductive adhesive system.

This product is designed to withstand heavy abuse and outperforms most other conductive floor coverings. With its tightly woven, high denier construction and the exclusive EcoWorx backing, heavy equipment rolls easily across the carpeted floor.

StaticSmart™ Carpet Tile has been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institutes’ Green Label Plus certification for Indoor Air Quality. Green Label Plus is a voluntary industry testing program for carpet products that establishes the highest standard for indoor air quality (IAQ) ever set by the carpet industry. Green Label Plus identifies carpets that are tested by an independent, certified laboratory and meet stringent criteria for low chemical emissions.

As added insurance, copper grounding strips installed at suggested intervals, provide a uniform potential to ground throughout the installation.

Lead times for this carpet tile are subject to availability and production schedules at the mill.


Level 3 Protection - Less than 0.4KV Grounded

Construction: Multi-level Patterned Loop

Yarn Weight: 19 oz. 644.23 g/sm

Stitches per Inch: 9.17 / in. 36.1/10 cm 

Average Density: 5,797 oz./yd.3

Pile Height: 0.118 in. 3.0 mm

Gauge: 1/12 47.24/10 cm

Fiber: Premium Branded Solution Dyed ECO Solution Q Nylon 

Tile Size: 24" x 24" 60.96 cm x 60.96 cm 

Conductive Fiber: Continuous conductive StaticSmart™ FibreLink monofilament.

Electrostatic Propensity: ESD STM 97.2 (w/conductive footwear) - Less than 20 Volts

                                       AATCC 134-06 (w/o conductive footwear) - Less than 0.4 kV 

Tested at 20% relative humidity at 20° Celsius and 70° Fahrenheit.

Electrical Resistance: ESD S7.1/NFPA 99 Resistive/resistance characterization of materials: Rtt six or more readings between points placed 3 feet apart. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in Ohms, 2.5 x 104 minimum, 1.0 x 108 maximum. Rtg six or more readings from surface to groundable point. Tested with an applied voltage of 100V. Measured in Ohms, 2.5 x 104 minimum, 1.0 x 108 maximum. 

Static Dissipative: 1.0 x 106 min, 1.0 x 109 max Ohms.

Electrical Resistance/Voltage Test ANSI/ESD S-20.20, compliant when using approved conductive footwear system. Results within recommended range < 35 x 106 Ohm or < 100 volts.

D.O.D. HDBK263A, Section 40.1.2: Meets recommended guidelines for sensitive ESD devices, Class 1.

Exceeds FAA-STD-019e, Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321.2010 guidelines for static control flooring. 

Roller Caster Electrical Test (CET) Assessment. After 100,000 chair caster cycles there was no depreciable change in conductivity or electrical performance. Lab data available on request.

Groundable Path: StaticSmart™ ground strip or Rtg Connector Kit. 

Grounding Frequency: 1 per 1,000 sq. ft. 

Backing System: Conductive Ecoworx® backing: 100% PVC-free, phthalate-free, recyclable, and made from recycled material.

Adhesives: Conductive releasable adhesive for carpet tile 1.0 x 106 Ohms Rtt. 

TARR: ≥ 3.5 Severe Duty (TARR = Texture Appearance Retention Rating. For more info go to

Sustainability: Platinum Certification under NSF/ANSI Standard 140 - 2010

Availability: Standard colors no minimum. *Special order colors minimums apply, please inquire for details. 

Flammability: ASTM E-648 flooring radiant panel - Class 1 (≥ .45 W/cm2) 

ASTM E-662 NBS smoke density - less than 450