Cable Tray 2" High

Quick Overview

Cable trays are an effective way to keep wires in place and allow air flow in raised floor systems. This system requires no tools to install and is ordered by the linear foot. Available in two sizes.* Select required size. *

Additional Information
Model 9CT2
Notes Please allow four days for production of this item.

Imagine an easy-to-use cable tray system that requires no tools for installation. Combine that simplicity with ordering by the linear foot and you have the hottest product in the industry today for managing cable under raised floors. Why is this product so hot? Because our industry demands clear and unobstructed air flow. Its design is the easiest cable tray to install.

As long as your raised floor has support pedestals, this system will work. Just pick up a sectional row of your existing panels. Simply slip on vertical supports to your pedestals, drop in horizontal supports on those vertical supports, and then drop in a cable tray. Once the tray is in place, simply clip a grounding clip to it and you are finished! It is just that simple.

This system is a continuous, rigid, welded steel wire mesh cable management system for access or raised floor applications. It is smartly designed to work with vertical and horizontal supports using your raised floor understructure which independently support the tray sections. Standard finish is pre-galvanized to avoid formation of zinc whiskers in the raised floor environment. It is wire mesh welded at all intersections. Wire Diameter: 0.197 inch (5mm) minimum on all mesh sections.

2" High Cable Trays are available in two different sizes. Please select required size from drop-down menu.

  • 2"H x 24"W x 24"L  -  Model 9CT22424
  • 2"H x 24"W x 48"L  -  Model 9CT22448