Grate Panel - Woodcore

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High velocity, die-cast aluminum grate with 56% unobstructed open area. Allows underfloor air conditioning to flow through the floor up to the equipment. Designed to work with Woodcore new floor kits. Does not fit All Steel or ConCore kits. 24" x 24". Surface: Bare Milled. No damper.

Additional Information
Model GAWC
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A special type of panel must be used to allow underfloor air conditioning to flow through the floor up to the equipment. These panels are called Air Flow panels.

As equipment ran hotter and became more dense, the need for a special design in blade server and sensitive environments prompted the manufacture of high velocity aluminum grates. These grates have a special design, which enables a 56% unobstructed open area for those applications which require higher volumes of air without sacrificing the integrity of the raised floor application.

This is a special type of panel and does not fit with all systems featured on our website. These grates work with our laminated Woodcore New Floor Kits. They do not fit our Steel or ConCore kits.

These panels have no damper and have a bare-milled finish. They are constructed of aluminum.

Panel size is 24" square. These panels are 1 3/16" high.

If you have a woodcore floor, these high velocity panels might fit your floor system. To determine if these panels match the panels at your facility, please visit the Panel IDC Center for more information.

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These panels are sometimes called a perf, an air flow panel, air tiles, perforated panels, air vents, grates and louvers.