Tate GrateAire® Panel SparkLite White

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High velocity, die-cast aluminum grate with 56% unobstructed area. Allows underfloor air conditioning to flow through the floor up to the equipment. Fits our laminated All-Steel and ConCore bolted new floor kits. Does not fit Woodcore kits. 24" x 24". Sparklite White Anti-static powder color. No damper.

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Model GAW
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GrateAire® die-cast aluminum panels are designed for new and existing data center applications. The high strength, low weight, all aluminum construction makes it the ideal solution for use in contained aisles with high foot traffic. Available with or without a damper, it can be adjusted from the top to restrict airflow by up to 100%. With the ability to perform the same amount of cooling as 3 perforated panels without comparable cost, GrateAire is an affordable and cost-effective airflow panel, ideal for use in contained aisles.


  • Die cast aluminum construction
  • Interchangeable with laminated ConCore9 and All Steel panels
  • 56% open area
  • Panel size: 24 inches square
  • Panel height at comer: 1.250". Total panel height 1.687"
  • Flange width with tabs: .480" to accomodate 3/4" wide stringers.
  • Panel weight: 4.7 lb./ft'
  • Non-combustible material
  • Class A flame spread rating
  • Available with or without optional damper
  • Damper with can be adjusted from the top to restrict air flow by up to 100%
  • Removeable with portable lifting device

This is a special type of panel and does not fit with all systems. Panels fit only our laminated All Steel and ConCore bolted New Floor Kits. They do not fit our woodcore kits. Panel size is 24" square. These panels have no damper and have a white conductive textured surface.

To see if these panels match the panels at your facility, please visit the Panel IDC Center for more information.

These panels are sometimes called a perf, an air flow panel, air tiles, perforated panels, air vents, grates and louvers.