24" x 24" Floor Grill

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Full flow high velocity air flow panel designed for most steel systems. Extruded aluminum construction and anodized aluminum clear finish.  24" x 24"  Does not fit all floor systems.

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Model AG2424
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Quantum AirFlow™ Tile (made in the USA) is an innovative way of delivering your subfloor airflow to the targeted areas of server cabinets. Today with the need for more CFM to the whole cabinet many are asking how this can be done in a “Green” way. This passive solution’s patent pending design cools three cabinets with one tile. In testing, the Quantum AirFlow™ Tile dropped face inlet temperatures by 10° at the top of the cabinet

In 2007 Congress charged the EPA with the task of finding solutions to operate data centers more efficiently. In an effort to assist in this GREEN initiative , we are proud to announce the release of the Quantum Air™ Tile. With angled vanes and anodized finish this tile directs the subfloor air flow into your server cabinet - top and bottom. In comparison to standard perorated tiles, this technology is a quantum leap forward in air delivery.

The Quantum AirFlow™ Tile is designed to direct cold air supply to all areas of the targeted cabinet. Look at the heat sensor imagery. First, notice that the legend range on the front of the cabinet image is 81°F to 63°F. Now, notice the diminishing levels of heat load exhausting from the back of the cabinet. The legend range on the back of the cabinet is 101°F to 69°F.

With identical control conditions, the Quantum AirFlow™ Tile dropped temperatures within minutes by an average of 6°F at inlet points and by 10°F on the exhaust side. In addition to this, the core temperature of the servers dropped by an average of 6°F.  This grill does not fit all systems.  Please visit our Panel ID Center to determine if these panels will fit your floor system.