Tate Perforated Air Flow Panel

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Allows underfloor air conditioning to flow through the floor up to the equipment. 25% unobstructed open area. Fits All Steel and ConCore new floor kits. Does not fit Woodcore kits. Rated at 1250 lbs. per square inch. Color Grey Starlite, with Integral Edge Trim. Alternate colors available by special request.  Select damper requirement.


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Model PERF
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Tate’s perforated steel panels are available with a range of load performance characteristics and a 25% open area. They represent the most economical approach to supplying air in a contained cold aisle.

Tate’s Perforated Steel Panels are compatible with most 24” bolted stringer systems. All panels are available with an optional top surface adjustable damper to control airflow volume. The damper can be adjusted from the top and locked into place to avoid tampering. Tate's perforated panel delivers airflow in a vertical plume and is a cost-effective airflow panel for use in contained aisles.

Key Performance Characteristics

Steel perforated panels are available with high pressure laminate, vinyl and rubber floor coverings. The perforated panels are interchangeable with laminated ConCore, All Steel and Woodcore panels in a stringered system.

If you are looking for Perforated Panels that have an 800 or 1000 pound rating, those were discontinued from production in 2020.

To order special panels to match the panels at your facility, please visit the Panel IDC Center for more information.