Sending Physical Panel Sample

If you haven't done so already, please fill out the Submission Form.

You will also have the option to instantly upload photos of your panel there if you prefer.

To submit a physical sample, please mail us a small corner piece of the floor - about 6" x 6". We can return it if necessary. 

Corner pieces usually contain all of the information we need to identify your floor. The best sample is a full corner detail up to 12" x 12" and no smaller than 6" x 6". The only exception to this is if you are sending in a wood filled panel, in that case we only need a 4" x 4" corner. If you are unable to send us a cut piece, the next best thing is one full side of a panel (typically found along the perimeter of your floor near a wall), however, it can be no smaller than 6" in width. If you must send in a full panel, please keep in mind that full 2' x 2' panels are frequently damaged in shipping to us, so packing it extremely well will reduce the potential of your panel being damaged. Please do not send in a cutout piece of tile that does not include the corner detail (for example, a piece of the inside of the panel). Also, do not send in a piece of high pressure laminate only to represent your floor system unless you are seeking replacement laminate sheeting. Please do not send us wood crated panels. We are unable to receive them. 

Make sure to identify your panel with a marker or sticker on the back with your company name.

When sending in edge trim, please send at least a 1" section. Remember to use a padded envelope to protect the edge trim.

If sending in pedestals, please include a head and base.

Send your sample to:

Access Floor, Inc.
145 S 42nd Street
Boulder, Colorado 80305

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions about using our Panel Identification Center.