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You have arrived at this page because you searched for a unique Panel Identification Code.

Your search for a specific Panel Identification Code means that someone at some time has provided us with sufficient information to identify a panel. Please be aware that panel identification codes do not change, however; a panel, which was identified as compatible with one location, does not mean that all the panels in your facility are the same, particularly if they are in different rooms or on different floors of your facility.

There are many manufacturers of access floor. Through the years some have been bought out by the competition, some have closed their doors and no longer exist, some have changed the style and details of their panels, and some still make the original panels they began with. Most manufacturers have several lines of access floor and each line has several subcategories. Most panels were developed by the manufacturer to be unique and to only fit in their own understructure system.

Many access floor panels appear to be the same from the top – the surface coverings match. However; the underside of the panel and the way the panel interfaces with the supporting understructure is different and frequently not interchangeable. Panels from Room 1A will not work in Room 2B.

This variety of access floor panels is why we developed our Panel Identification Center.

If you need a current quote for your unique panel identification code please click here. We will provide current pricing for your panels based on the quantity you need and we will provide freight charges based on your delivery address. Please note that we cannot verify compatibility unless you work with our Panel Identification Center.