Panel Removal

Removal and Reinstallation of Panels 

When access to the space under the floor is required, only those panels directly over the area of work should be removed. The first panel removed must be removed with the use of an approved lifting device. Place the lifter in the corner of the panel and lift up vertically. Once the panel is far enough above the plane of the adjacent panels, remove the panel by hand. If panels adjacent to this panel require removal, place a hand under those panels and lift out. 

Types of Lifting Devices

  • Aluminum Grate Lifter for use on grated panels.

  • Aluminum Grate Lifter
  • Perforated Panel Lifter for lifting raised floor panels that are perforated without fear of chipping the surface covering.

  • Aluminum Grate Lifter
  • Standing Panel Lifter for standing without the need to bend or kneel down when lifting and replacing panels.

  • Aluminum Grate Lifter
  • Suction Cup Lifter for use on solid panels.

  • Aluminum Grate Lifter

Special Precautions 

  • The use of screwdrivers, pliers or other objects to pry or lift panels is not recommended and should be prohibited.
  • Every precaution should be taken not to disturb the level adjustment of the support pedestals and the squareness and position of the stringers while the floor panels are out of the system.
  • When panels with factory-laminated carpet are reinstalled, carpet shoes must be used to ensure that carpet pile is not trapped.
  • To ensure the life of the trim, install all panels with trim per the above recommendations.
  • Always make a final check to see that panels are correctly in place, level and secure.