J. Glossary

  1. A/F : Access Floor including panels, pedestals and accessories.
  2. B/M : Bill of Material .
  3. Carpet Shoes : Steel plate with handle attached used for holding pile up while installing monolithic carpeted floor panels.
  4. C/L : Center Line
  5. Dry Line : A line (with no chalk on it) used as a temporary reference line.
  6. ELL : Section of access floor laid along two control lines forming an L shape (normally 2 to 4 panels wide.)
  7. FFH : Finished Access Floor Height; dimension measured from top of the panel to top of subfloor.
  8. Field : The main open floor area where full floor panels are installed.
  9. Grid Line : Lines formed where the panels join together.
  10. Leveling Bar : A straight edge having permanent 2-foot center marks used for leveling of pedestals; it is usually made from rectangular aluminum tube with the following dimension: width ¾ inch to 1 inch; height 2 1/2 to 4 inch; wall thickness .080 to .125 inch; length 8 to 10 feet.
  11. Plumb : 90° from horizontal level.
  12. Rocker : A panel that rocks up and down diagonally when installed.
  13. Shoot In (sight in) : Establish reference points in any given area by using a transit or laser.
  14. Spreading : To spread understructure components throughout an area by placing the pedestal assemblies on approximately 2-foot centers.
  15. Starting Point : A specific location in the area which has been purposely designated as the best place to start the installation.
  16. Transit : Builder’s optical leveling device used for establishing grade levels for floors, ceilings, etc.
  17. Laser : Electronic transit.